Faith. Family. Friendship.

Reaching Our Community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Growing Church Doing Big Things!

At First Pentecostal Church our slogan is "Faith, Family, Friendship". We want to guide people on their walk with God, in a place where you can actually feel God's presence, all while building up the family unit, and enjoying a wonderful church family. We offer activities for all ages and enjoy various events for all through out the year.


At First Pentecostal Church our goal is to draw closer to God. Church is more than a weekly outing, that once done, we can just cross off our list. It’s a daily experience, a relationship with God, a yearning for more. It’s a place where you can feel God’s presence, and you know He’s near!


Second only to God, our family is the most important thing in our lives. Sadly, though in today’s day and times many families are fractured and torn apart. If that’s you, First Pentecostal Church has a church family waiting for you with open arms!


It’s our goal that guests feel at home once they walk through the doors of First Pentecostal Church. Our church is a multicultural church with as many as five or more nationalities represented every service. You can find a friend at First Pentecostal Church. Everyone is welcome!

The Each One,
Reach One

Our desire in Roxboro is to reach as many as we can, by any means that we can. Our bus and van ministry provide free transportation on Sunday morning, if you need a ride, please call us at 336-330-0600. We have Children's, Youth, Rest Home and Sunday School Ministry as well. Our goal is to reach all with the love of Christ. Our Care Ministry keeps our church family united and connected so that even as we grow, we retain that “small church” family feel. All these ministries tie in with our praise and worship and sign team ministries. There is a place for everyone at First Pentecostal Church.